The designs of this section speak about jazz as individual mastery and creativity combined with collaboration and collective spontaneous improvisation. The designs presented below feature various styles: modern, fun, vintage, stylized, geometric.



Bass Player Abstract Style t-shirt

Saxophone Musician Trio Modern Style t-shirt

Multicolor Modern Jazz Bassist t-shirt

Multicolored Trumpet Player Modern Art t-shirt

Art of Jazz Modern Style t-shirt

Retro Jazz Club Design t-shirt

Art of Jazz - Modern Fancy Design t-shirt

Trumpet Player Pop Art Style

Bass Musician Abstract Brush Paint Styl

Jazz Trumpeter With Jazz Genres

Vintage Jazz Design

Bass Player With Jazz Genres Unisex T-Shirt Front

   Colorful Jazz Saxophone Player T-shirt

Jazz Hour T-shirt

T-shirt Jazz Trumpet and Saxophone Musicians

Jazz Trumpet and Saxophone players T-Shirt

Welcome to the Club T-shirt

T-shirt Cool Jazz Saxophone Musician

World’s Best Jazz Grooves

Vintage Jazz Club T-shirt

T-shirt Funny Jazz Trumpet Player

Cool Jazz Musicians T-shirt

T-shirt Jazz Saxophone and Trumpet Musicians

Bass Player Standing Up

Colorful jazz saxophone player t-shirt

Cool Trumpet Musician t-shirt


Funny Jazz Saxophone Musician t-shirt


Bass Musician Abstract Brush Paint Style T-shirt
Bass Musician Abstract Brush Paint Style T-shirt

Sax Player With Jazz Genres T-Shirt

Saxophone Musician With Jazz Genres Creative Style T-ShirtA Touch of Magic - Trumpet Player T-Shirt


Bassman Modern Art T-Shirt
Colorful Fancy Bass Player T-Shirt
The Pop Art Guitarist T-Shirt
Modern Stylish Drummer T-Shirt